Blood vessel anatomy

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Anatomie der Blutgefaesse
Vascularisation of the fish head

The detail of the fish head vascularisation demonstrates how the transparency of the sheet plastinate can show the whole complexity of the blood vessel anatomy in one single anatomical specimen. You can also find this picture and many more in the plastination-archive.

  1. Adriel

    Among the many interesting ideas: Plastination of body tisuess was developed for other purposes (did you see the beautiful Body Worlds art exhibit?), but it may well obsolete cryopreservation, posing a lower-cost and more effective way to preserve the minds of the deceased till the Singularity when they can potentially be reanimated. I wonder how chemical brain preservation, or plastination, will be accepted by the cryonics community. According to Hayworth, it may permit preserving all brain physical structure relevant to personality for future nanoscale readout. This means plastination is cryonics for uploaders , especially interesting for those who, like me, look forward to a post-biological existence as pure software that can be run on different physical substrates.I did not go to the H+ Summit but watched many lectures, including Hayworth and Smart, on Lievstream, which is a practice to be encouraged.