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equine hoof real anatomy plastinate offer

Real horse hoof anatomy specimen – Research Outlet Plastinate: Fascinating insights into the anatomy for an incredible price: Please take a close look at the zoomable detail view image in the description (preferably on a computer for best „hover to zoom“ experience; smartphones and tablets only provide „double-tap to zoom“).
Find detailed information about plastination outlet offers in the blog articles.

Thickness of research outlet plastinates is appr. 0,5cm. Please check the images and the cm-ruler in the detail image to estimate the size of the plastinate.

The sheet plastinate has a signature „vHorst“ or “Dr. v. Horst” engraved. Acrylic stands which might be visible in the images are not included in the offer.
For more information about plastination and real anatomical specimens contact me by e-mail or phone. You can also find more information about plastination and anatomical preparation at www.plastinate.com.

Dr. Christoph von Horst