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B-quality outlet offer

Anatomical specimen sample offer. Get a small piece of plastinated tissue from a choice of various techniques.
Small sample specimens are either especially prepared to serve as samples or they are bit and pieces left from other projects. You will receive a small sample piece of the required plastination technique. Sample plastinates provide a an idea of what the specimens look and feel like when you hold them in your own hands.

Here is how you get the right sample plastinate for your specific needs:

  1. Contact me by Facebook Messenger or e-mail and tell me what technique and general topic you are interested in.
  2. I will send you an image of an available sample plastinate and an ordering code for that specific item.
  3. You order here and leave the code in order notes during checkout.

Find detailed information about how a wet specimen is turned into different types of plastination specimens in the AHE special issue: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/14390264/2019/48/6

Each plastinate comes with a DIN A5 size certificate as shown below.

Certificate of authenticity and legal compliance