Pig anatomy plastinate

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Sheet plastination specimen of a pig head
Sheet plastination pig head

Pig jaws are used in the education of dentists. The pig´s molar and premolar teeth are very much the same like in humans, so that various procedures in dentistry can easily be practised. This plastination of a pig´s head allows further general insight that are interesting for the dentist and oral surgeon: the path of the Maxillary Nerv, the structure and position of the Parotis Gland and various topographical relations. Besides complete head sheet plastinates like this one, most common tooth preparations that I am doing are thin ground teeth with vision of the pulpa nerves and vessels. Furthermore parents love to have their children´s milk teeth / baby teeth embedded in acrylic.

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  1. Sachin

    Wow! Buddy Boy is one smart kiddo! What a proud moment! I don’t know what I would think of that eiibxht. I think I might get a little queasy. I can only imagine the confusion my M would have seeing that eiibxht. All kids are different and so are grown ups. My husband faints when he sees blood. I wonder how he would do at that eiibxht. I think the view of being close to pornograpy is an interesting one. I would have to see more images before I could put my opinion of that out there.It does make me feel good that when you were in medical school you respected the bodies in such a nice way. I am a full donor and always wondered about that.

  2. Manami

    I’ve been debating about going (we live out in Wildwood) to this show. I reemmber the awe I felt holding the brain during neuroanatomy and wondering who this person had been? My daughter’s talent is math and her interest is rain forests. She has delivered lectures on rainforest ecology at the Butterfly House to anyone who makes eye contact.

  3. Mansee

    Wow! I’m impressed! Um, about the farnimg and anatomy…how about veterinary med? It always fascinates me what our kids come up with. My husband remarked just the other day, quite in earnest, that Nik’s uncanny understanding of applied physics at the age of four is frightening…and impressive.