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Equine hoof booklet – Comparison bundle

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Compare and help in the development of the next edition! “Heavy-duty” or “light-weight”, more or less text?

The 6th edition EQUINE HOOF PLASTINATION “heavy-duty” booklet + the lightweight, no-text version of the booklet without lamination + a real hoof plastinate section (optional) + free shipping* (*Free shipping available for the EU incl. UK, the US, Canada, South Africa, Japan and many other countries. Please enter your country during checkout and see if the “Free shipping” coupon is applied automatically. You can contact me for availability of free shipping or shipping cost for your country, otherwise.

The comparison bundle includes:
1 Hoof anatomy booklet: Equine hoof – PLASTINATION. 6th Edition in English. “Heavy duty” film laminated version of the famous image booklet,
1 Hoof anatomy booklet: Equine hoof – PLASTINATION. 6th Edition no-text neutral light-weight version on 250g paper without lamination. Please note that there is no text or labelling on the image pages. Only the first and last page show some text.
– the double-sided water-proof plastic film print showing the hoof blood vessel cast on one side and a hoof sagittal section on the other side.
OPTIONAL: add a B-Quality real hoof sheet plastinate section to the bundle (Important note: while the booklets can be shipped by AIRMAIL the .

This bundle is about comparing the different materials available and the amount of text which should be included. For planning the next editions we would like to know your opinion. We might contact you a few weeks after your purchase and ask you about your impression.

The preliminary result of our comparison bundles were not quite clear:
Some of you prefer the heavy duty version, while some of you think that the pages are a bit too rigid and do not feel nice.
Some of you would like to have even more text include like some background information about the different diseases, while some suggested to skip all text so that you can explain without any distraction by information provided on the images pages.
Therefore we go into the next round of testing. For making this comparison bundle even more attractive, you have the option to include a real hoof plastinate for a just a small additional fee. With or without additional hoof plastinate: do not miss the opportunity to get two booklet + free international shipping and contribute to the next edition:
Please tell me:
What would be your preferred material for the next edition?
How much text would you like to include? Is there specific information which you would like to include in the booklet text and labelling?
Do you think the booklet should show more images? Have more pages? A different size?
Whatever comes to your mind? Please let me know! Your ideas are appreciated?

Booklets in this bundle offer are NOT hand-signed by Dr.Christoph von Horst.

Find more information about plastination and the applied anatomical preparation techniques in the AHE special issue about plastination or at

Dr. Christoph von Horst

Additional information

optional hoof section

bundle without plastinate, + real hoof plastinate section

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