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Equine hoof prelim. version booklet


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Equine hoof – PLASTINATION. 6th Edition – preliminary version.

The preliminary version copies is almost the same like the final version: same material, same images, same text. We only changed the layout a little bit. You would hardly notice the difference. See a PDF of the complete teaching booklet here.

26 pages with high-end photography of real anatomical horse hoof specimens. Perfect for illustrating the anatomy and pathology of the horse foot when you stand right beside the horse. Keep it in your car or in the coat pocket for easy access when a horse owner wants to know more about the equine hoof. This booklet makes things perfectly clear within a few seconds. Combine it with real horse hoof anatomy and pathology plastinates for even more authenticy and impressive insights.

Material: 26 photo prints, wire-o binding, semi-transparent polypropylen cover at front and back.
Size appr. 22 x 15 x 1 cm

For more information about plastination and real anatomical specimens contact me by e-Mail or phone. You can also find more information about plastination and the applied anatomical preparation in the AHE special issue about plastination or at