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Hoof booklet survey package

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Equine hoof prelim. version booklet

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Plastination Pferdehuf - German version

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Your opinion and feedback about the next Hoof Booklet editions is needed. We have to decide between two concepts:

Film laminated prints versus “normal” image prints.

Film laminated prints give maximum stability and resistance to water and dirt. The number of booklet pages is limited to 24 pages.
Glossy image print booklets on 250g paper can have up to 42 pages. The pages feel smoother than the rigid film laminated prints, but the resistance to water and dirt is lower.

Facebook friends and group members can order the survey package by following the direct link. This offer cannot be found in shop search or in the package deal section.
Please give feedback on what the Hoof Plastination booklets should look like in the future. Please answer the following questions after you had a thorough look at both booklets:

  1. Do you prefer the film laminated prints or normal glossy image prints?
  2. If the booklet would be produced with glossy image prints, should the number of pages be increased?
  3. Any other suggestions?

The two versions of the booklet in this survey offer show the same or similar images. Language and material differ.

1 copy of “Equine hoof – PLASTINATION. 6th Edition – preliminary version”. 26 pages.
26 pages 250g glossy image prints, wire-o binding, semi-transparent 460g polypropylen cover at front and back.
Size appr. 22 x 15 x 1 cm

1 copy of “Equine hoof – PLASTINATION – Pferdehuf. 6th Edition GERMAN version”. 24 pages high-end photography of real anatomical horse hoof specimens.
24 pages 360g film laminated image prints, wire-o binding, semi-transparent 460g polypropylen cover at front and back.
Size appr. 22 x 15 x 1 cm

For more information about plastination and real anatomical specimens contact me by e-Mail or phone. You can also find more information about plastination and the applied anatomical preparation in the AHE special issue about plastination or at

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