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Hoof plastinate variations package

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4 equine foot sectional anatomy specimens. The package includes different techniques, cutting directions, cutting levels and preparation quality levels.
It includes at least:

  • 2 sagittal sections showing different cutting levels
  • 1 hoof section cut in a direction other than sagittal (eg. horizontal, transverse)
  • 1 selective impregnation (SI) sheet plastinate (Example 1)
  • 1 S10 silicone plastinated hoof slice (Example 2)
  • 1 lightweight non-transparent sheet plastinate with hand coloration (Example 3)
  • 1 regular exhibition and collection quality specimen (package includes up to 3 outlet quality or beginner plastinates).

Example 4 (horizontal section) is a Tissue Tracing Technique (TTT) sheet plastinate in outlet qualty. Not all packages include TTT-plastinates. Please let us know if you wish to have a TTT-plastinate included in your package.
All horse foot plastinates are in size SE15 (regular net price 98,50 EUR)