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Anatomical specimen sample offer. B-quality outlet plastinates: Fascinating scientific insights for an incredible price. Real anatomical specimens.
Please choose your specimen from the images below and leave the specimen SKU (eg 75x-xxx) in the order notes.

Find detailed information about plastination in the AHE special issue:

Dog head section SKU 750-904

B-quality outlet offer

Dog shoulder section SKU 750-905

B-quality outlet offer

Cat heart figure plastinate SKU 750-906

B-quality outlet offer

Dog elbow section SKU 750-907

B-quality outlet offer

Horse leg section SKU 750-908

B-quality outlet offer

Horse leg silicone plastinated section SKU 750-909

B-quality outlet offer

Rat section SKU 750-910

B-quality outlet offer

Cat shoulder and thorax section SKU 750-911

B-quality outlet offer

FAQ about Sample Outlet Offers:

Are these all real specimens?
– Yes. Real tissue, dehydrated, defattened and vacuum impregnated with plastination polymer. Find detailed explanations of the techniques in the AHE Special Issue about Plastination:

Can plastinates be shipped worldwide?
Yes. Plastinates are regarded as technical items, not animal tissue after they have gone through the plastination process (compare leather). The HC Biovision anatomical plastination institute is approved by the German authorities and the specimens come with a certificate that states the registration number of my lab and the relevant legislation (see below).

Can I order several sample outlet offer items?
– The amount of sample outlet offer items is limited to one specimen per order.

What can I do if this offer is “out of stock” already?
– As you can see there are a number of specimens available. If any of the items is purchased all items are shown as “out of stock” until we remove the image of the sold item from the list. Please just try once more in a short while. You will find that all items, except the one that was purchased, will be available.

Dr. Christoph von Horst

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