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Scientific equine hoof plastinate


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horse hoof anatomy

“Direct” sheet plastinate example image with normal illumination.

horse hoof anatomy

“Direct” sheet plastinate example image with backlight illumination.

horse hoof anatomy

Detail view of a “Direct” sheet plastinate.

horse hoof anatomy

Visible and tangible surface structures in a “Direct SI” equine foot plastinate.


Individual choice offer: You pick your plastinate from a selection of specimens that we have in stock. Get your indidividual choice plastinate. In case that you do not like anything from what I can offer now, you can wait for a custom made plastinate or just cancel the order with a full money refund.

Real horse hoof section – “Direct” SI Sheet Plastinate. “Direct” plastinates combine a smooth and clear surface with direct visualisation of surface details. Depending on backlight or frontlight vision the specimen provides various insights including histologic/mesoscopic views. Real anatomical slice. Epoxy sheet plastination.

Thickness of “Direct” sheet plastinates is appr. 0,2 – 0,4 cm.
The plastinate comes with a certificate as shown below and a short description, date and signature filled in.
Acrylic stands or rulers which might be visible in the images are not included in the offer.

Dr. Christoph von Horst

Certificate of authenticity and legal compliance