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“Direct touch” sheet plastination

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horse hoof anatomy

“Direct touch” sheet plastinates have visible and tangible surface structures in addition to the transparent tissue insights of other sheet plastination techniques.

Please choose one of the following options:

CUSTOM: Pick your favorite plastinate from specimens in stock or have it prepared custom-made for you.
TRIAL: Randomly picked “SI direct” hoof section in B-quality. My recommendation, if you just want to get a first authentic hands-on impression for a very low price. Do not select this option if you expect a professional teaching specimen.
OFFER: Get the latest SI direct hoof specimen OFFER as shown in the offer images. Select the “OFFER” option for zoomable images of this particular specimen. If the OFFER option is not shown, this offer specimen is sold already. We will add a new offer, soon. Find more OFFERS in the “OFFER OPTION” category.