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SE15 plastinated specimens


SE15 Sheet plastinate without acrylic embedding.

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Sheet plastinate SE15

Individual choice offer: You pick your plastinate from a selection of the very best specimens (epoxy E12 plastination, polyester P40 plastination, hybrid sheet plastination, etc.), that we have in stock. Get your indidividual choice plastinate. In case that you do not like anything from what I can offer now, you can wait for a custom made plastinate or just cancel the order with a full money refund.
S15 combined acrylic embedding of items.
or S15 sheet plastinates without acrylic protection layer (APL) eg. sectional anatomy of limbs, heads, organs of various species.

Maximum diagonal size 18cm, appr. 10 x 15 x 0,4cm.

This is an example item. Various similar offers available. Please contact me.

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SE 15 Scheibenplastinat