Horse hoof anatomy and pathology plastination
Equine hoof anatomy booklet

CHRISTMAS OFFER: Pay for two booklets and get a third copy for free (Coupon is applied automatically if three booklets are added to the cart). Horse hoof anatomy and pathology image booklet: Equine hoof – PLASTINATION – 8th Edition High-end … Continued


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“Plain” uncovered tissue surface plastinates

“Plain” sheet plastinates show the plastinated tissue without any polymer cover or smoothened surface. “Plain” plastinates are appear very authentic and “real”. Silicone or epoxy plastinated tissue are possible variations. “Plain” plastinate can show sharp edges. This is why they … Continued

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Hoof dark mode anatomical plastination specimen
“Dark mode” sheet plastination

Dark Mode sheet plastinates are embedded between an acrylic protection layer and a dark brown wooden background. This type of presentation yields a very impressing tissue contrast which cannot be achieved by simply placing a regular plastinate in front of … Continued

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3D – sheet plastination specimens

“3D” sheet plastinates present one side of the specimen like a conventional “Flat chamber” sheet plastinate while the other side presents parts of the specimens reaching above the level of the sheet giving a 3D-impression of the the anatomy.

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“Direct” sheet plastination

“Direct” sheet plastinates have visible and tangible surface structures in addition to the transparent tissue insights of other sheet plastination techniques. Staining optional.

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Disc-bound hoof booklet starter set

Hoof anatomy disc-bound notebook starter set. The starter set includes: A5 disc-bound notebook, blue polypropylen cover and 30 college ruled sheets for your own hand-written notes. water-proof, double-sides plastic film print of the hoof blood vessels and a longitudinal section … Continued


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