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Epocrylic Embedments of items



Our “Epocryl” Embedding Technique is ideal for sensitive and fragile objects and materials. While high temperatures and pressure can destroy embedded items with other techniques, no high temperature and forces occure with the Epocrylic method. It is the method of choice for insects and arthropods with thin antennae and legs, leaves and other biological objects with fine structures, decay teeth with cracks and embedments of technical items with little resistance to heat and pressure.

The epocrylic embedment consists of a middle layer of epoxy plastination polymer and two layers of cast acrylic on both sides. It combines the advantages of both materials concerning UV-resistance, clarity, impregnation and embedding properties.

Price: 65 EUR (+ VAT and shipping) for a ca. 6 x 6 x 2,5 cm embedment block. Engravings, stands, etc. optional.