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Plastination and embedding samples


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Sample offers for your first contact with plastination and biological preparation. Choose from the available options. You will receive one unique specimen of the selected method. The specimen is a real scientific plastinate or embedding. Please let us know your specific field of interest, so that we can try to pick a suitable sample.

TTT: The Tissue Tracing Technique (TTT: Patented preparation method by Dr. Christoph von Horst, Patent expired) allows following structures in the tissue and adapting the tissue thickness in different parts of the same specimen.

SI: Selective Impregnation (SI) provides a better tissue visibility than other preparation methods. Tendons, cartilage, bone tissue etc. will be easily recognizable, while the investigation of finest details like small blood vessels and histological structures is not possible with this method.

Basic: Basic specimens cannot be viewed from the backside or the sides and can show a somewhat uneven surface. They are suitable for teaching and for decoration purposes.

Figure: Figure plastinates consist only of the plastinated tissue without covering or embedding polymers around it. They show the surface and shape, but no deeper anatomical tissue insights.

Note sure what option to go for? Just contact me and we can discuss what would be the best choice for your needs.

Find detailed information about the applied plastination techniques in the AHE special issue:

Plastination samples come with a certificate as shown below.

Certificate of authenticity and legal compliance