Plastination and embedding samples

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specimen samples like plastinates, arthropod embeddings and anatomical casts

Sample offers for your first contact with plastination and biological preparation. Choose from the available price options. I will show you images of your sample specimen and will only send the specimen to you if you are happy with the choice. In case that you are not okay with the specific sample offer, we will cancel the order. PLEASE pay only AFTER you saw the images and agreed that you would like to receive the specimen. You can also contact us in advance before you even place the order.

Option A: This type of sample compares with an exhibition and collection specimen, maybe showing small flaws, tiny scratches or minor preparation mistakes. The main difference to a regular order would be the much smaller amount of specimens to choose from. If you want a beautiful specimen for a low price, but you are flexible about the type of specimen, this is an excellent choice.

Option B: Specimens which look just like regular exhibition specimens similar to Option A, but which are usually missing some relevant morphological details. This might be due to the sectioning level and procedure or because a part was accidentially cut off during the later preparation and plastination process. Specimens which were purposely prepared as sample or beginner plastinates are usually offered in this category as well.

Option C: Specimens which present the appearance of a plastinate with different tissue types and topographic relations. You will get authentic mesoscopic insights and see how different tissue types contribute to the anatomy without necessarily seeing the larger context and getting an understanding of specific anatomical structures.

Option D:This type of sample will give a concept of what the plastinated or embedded tissue feels and looks like in general, while specific structures and details might not be recognisable on first sight.

Note sure what option to go for? Just contact me and we can discuss what would be the best choice for your needs.

Find detailed information about the applied plastination techniques in the AHE special issue:

Plastination sample come with a certificate as shown below.

Certificate of authenticity and legal compliance

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