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Sectional anatomy specimen – horse hoof.

AIAPA Offer. AIAPA stands for Anatomical Insights for Animal Pain Awareness. Please contact me for more information about AIAPA!

Size: 10 x 23,5 x 0,5 cm

Anatomisches Schnittpräparat – Pferdezehe.

SI – Direct sheet plastination.

Visualisation of coffin bone, short and long pastern bone, fetlock bone and distal cannon bone. The SI (Selective Impregnation) – Technique presents the tendons, ligaments, joint cartilages, horn and soft tissue to the finest morphological details. In addition, the “Direct” Embedding results in tangible surface and in particular bone structures for even more convincing and realistic appearance of the plastinated tissue.

For more Information about plastination I recommend the AHE Special Issue about Plastination edited by Dr. Christoph von Horst*, the HC Biovision website or contact me directly.

HC Biovision Dr. Christoph von Horst is an officially approved and registered anatomical preparation facility in accordance with REGULATION (EC) No 1069/2009.
Registration number: DE 09 273 0001 14

*Wiley Blackwell “Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia Volume 48, Issue 6, Special Issue: Plastination. Edited by Dr. Christoph von Horst.

Dr. Christoph von Horst

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