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Horse hoof anatomy package

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Horse hoof beginner plastinate

Scientific hoof anatomy canvas print

Equine hoof anatomy booklet (NEW!)

Hoof anatomy plastic film print

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Hoof anatomy insights. Understand what happens inside the horn capsule:
– real hoof plastinate – authentic anatomy in your hands. Pick your individual hoof section from images which I will send to you*.
– 60 x 40 cm canvas print – a decorative scientific statement at your wall. Available with or with labelling*
– Equine Hoof Plastination booklet – “a classic” for presenting hoof anatomy and pathology while standing right beside the horse.
– double-sided waterproof plastic film print of the hoof blood vessels and a sagittal hoof view.

Find detailed technical information about plastination techniques in the Special Issue of Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia about Plastination.

* I will send you images of three available hoof plastinates by e-mail after you ordered. You can pick the one you like best and tell me if you prefer the canvas print with or without labelling.

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Scientific hoof anatomy canvas print

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Equine hoof anatomy booklet (NEW!)


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