Individual plastination package deal

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anatomy specimens and prints as in package deal

Individual beginner packages.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will assemble a package for you.

Package may include:

  • Epoxy sheet plastination specimens
  • S10 silicone plastinated figure plastinates and body slices
  • prints on canvas or under acrylic, image prints and booklets.

Request you individual package offer by email, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, etc. Order only after you saw what you will get.

Can I ask for specific items?

You can choose a general topic, like fish, bird, small mammals or livestock anatomy. You can also mention if you prefer only canvas prints, only image prints, only real plastination specimens or a mix of all of it. Requests for a specific species, structure or even pathological disorder are not possible. These would be available as regular orders, only.

Find detailed information about the applied plastination and anatomical preparation techniques in the AHE Special Issue about Plastination or at