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SE15 plastination

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SE15 includes:

    • sheet plastinates without acrylic embedding in a diagonal size from 4 to 18 cm,
    • embedments (SE10) in a diagonal size from 12 to 18 cm,

SE15 specimens can be prepared from a large variety of anatomical fresh and preserved wet specimens: limb cross sections, horse and cow hoof specimens, fish anatomy, insect embeddings including macrozoobenthos species.

Please choose from one of the following options:

CUSTOM: Exactly the specimen which your were looking for. Choose from our large stock of available pieces. Add engravings, stands and other variations (optional).
RANDOM TRIAL: A randomly picked S15 sheet plastinate similar to the pieces shown in the images, but possibly in B-quality and not showing all relevant anatomical details.

Typcial SE15 plastination examples:

SE15 plastination also includes embedments in sizes between 12 and 18 cm.