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Hoof anatomy starter set

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Horse hoof beginner plastinate

Equine hoof booklet - "heavy duty"

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Hoof anatomy plastic film print

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Scientific hoof insights: What happens inside the horn capsule? How do the internal hoof structures change if a hoof shows signs of laminitis and other diseases?

All you need for understanding and presenting hoof science when standing right beside the horse:

– the Equine Hoof Plastination ringbinder booklet
– a double-sided plastic film print
– a real plastinated hoof section*

CHOOSE AND UPGRADE OPTION: CHOOSE your preferred beginner plastinate*, UPGRADE to a higher quality plastinate* or just skip the CHOOSE and UPGRADE step for a randomly picked beginner plastinate.

* I will send you images of three available beginner hoof plastinates by e-mail after you ordered. You can pick the one you like best. In case that non of the available beginner plastinates suits your requirements, you can cancel the order and get full money refund or upgrade to a more regular hoof plastinate of highest scientific preparation quality.