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Horse hoof anatomy bundle offer L

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Equine hoof anatomy booklet

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Hoof anatomy plastic film print

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Hoof blood vessel cast print under acrylic

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Horse hoof anatomy section

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Present how alive the hoof is inside the horn capsule. Get a better understanding of the hoof anatomy and pathology. Show that you are a hoof expert.

This package includes everything from hands-on educational material to decorative art under acrylic.

  • a real plastinated horse hoof section,
  • the hoof anatomy image booklet,
  • the hoof vascularisation image under acrylic and
  • a double-sided water-proof plastic film image print of a hoof sagittal section and a hoof blood vessel cast.

All in one hoof anatomy package offer.

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Find detailed information about the applied plastination and anatomical preparation techniques in the AHE Special Issue about Plastination or at