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Individual hoof plastination package



The individual hoof plastination package includes:

  • Sheet plastinate hoof anatomy. SI-sheet plastinate sagittal section or other hoof plastinate or surface cast specimen of your choice. More information and order separately here.
  • Hoof anatomy booklet 7th edition “heavy-duty”. More information and order separately here.
  • double-sided, water-proof plastic film print. More information and order separately here

How to choose your plastinate:
You will receive images of available hoof specimens by e-mail, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. We send out the package once you have made your choice.

FAQs about this offer:

May I ask for specific specimens?

You can ask for a certain cutting level, for example axial (middle) or abaxial longitudinal section, horizontal section of a certain hoof level, for example navicular bone level, etc. Specimens with pathological signs like coffin bone rotation, bone cysts, ringbone, tendinitis, etc. are only available as surface casts as part of the package.

From how many specimens can I choose?

You will receive images of three hoof plastinates taken from both sides of the the specimens. In case that you would not like any of these, I would send you images of three more specimens to choose from.

What happens in case that I would not find a specimen which I like?

In this case we will cancel the order with a full money refund. You can make you choice before you pay or even before you place the order to avoid money refunds.

Find detailed information about the applied plastination and anatomical preparation techniques in the AHE Special Issue about Plastination or at