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Rabbit anatomy sheet plastinate


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Plastination offers – buy now as shown in the images. No detailed description, no consultation.

What is an Offer Plastinate?
Offer plastinates include all techniques and topics: sheet and figure plastination, epoxy, S10 silicone and polyester plastination; plain, direct, sandwich, TTT-plastination (in combined epoxy-acrylic embedding) topics from Alpaca to Zebra Finch. Most offer items were added to the shop before detailed reviewing and classification.

What is the main difference to regular plastinates?
You choose your item from looking at the images only – without consultation or detailed description. You get a much a cheaper price and have first access to rare unique pieces and exceptional specimens.

Why are offer plastinates so cheap?
Cost and effort for the scientific evaluation and reviewing do not apply, neither the time for consultation about visible details and available techniques. Furthermore we assume only “acceptable” anatomical preparation quality with possible preparation artefacts and no rare or exceptional findings which would lead to a higher value.

How does the reviewing and classification process work?
We evaluate the following aspects:

  • Applied preparation and plastination techniques.
  • Species and organ / body part, exact description of embedded objects, plants, minerals, etc.
  • Unique and rare findings such as signs of disease and abnormalities.
  • Other aspects which would make the specimen extra-ordinary and valuable for museums and collectors.
  • Preparation mistakes and artefacts which would reduce the value of a specimens like missing or broken parts, etc.

Don´t wait too long if you found an interesting specimen! Once an offer plastinate has undergone evaluation and a detailed description was added, the price can increase significantly.